We provide guidance on strategic asset allocation plans and provide insightful research to support direct access clients in the derivatives markets. As well as selecting stable financial institutions covering execution requirements.

Direct Market Access allows you to manage your portfolio on a daily basis, giving you the freedom to invest directly from the dealing room. This service is reserved for clients with professional status or who are very active in the markets.

Direct Market Access allows you to:

Act in real time:

You are informed in real time of the changes in a whole range of markets, and your orders are executed and confirmed instantly.

Access a wide range of products:

Currencies, money markets, equities, bonds, funds, commodities, structured products and derivatives.

Where necessary, leverage your strategies with a real-time follow-up.

Our professionals support direct market access clients by independently monitoring the portfolio and providing recommendations on diversity and creating measurable risk limits.

All asset classes are subject to change over time, therefore strategic allocation is required to actively rebalance and optimise the clients portfolio in order achieve stable returns over time.