Wealth Structuring

To protect and accumulate wealth for future generations requires adjustments with time, protection from changes in legislation and political disturbance or even negligent beneficiaries

The correct wealth structuring can help safeguard the longevity of your wealth over generations and improve efficiency of your asset allocation and administration

Our team of expert wealth structuring specialists can structure your assets in trust vehicles and foundations in a bespoke financial strategy for you and your family.

Our approach to wealth structuring:

We dedicate time and resources to each of our clients to create an active financial strategy to structure their wealth. Our team consisting of fully qualified lawyers and specialist wealth structuring individuals, develop effective financial strategies over a sustain period of time with each of our clients. We provide a complete solution covering structure to protect both financial and non-financial assets, from family businesses and foundations to jet, real estate. Our team actively monitors and develops our client’s strategy to ensure we remain effective, robust and applicable to market conditions.

Our Services for wealth structuring:

We offer a vast range of wealth structuring services, including establishment of investment vehicles and recommendations on the latest products. Further our team of expert lawyers help with deeper issues such as family governance and wealth distribution for future generations. We structure our clients wealth using a range of methods and techniques, by establishing investment vehicles such as trusts, foundations, insurance and corporate vehicles – and specialise in family affairs over global jurisdictions.